The best ideas are usually born over a drink; the greatest ideas are born over quite a few! Do you like going out partying with your friends, snapping selfies, reviewing your beers/cocktail, and meeting new people?  Hoptomistic is a nightlife social app with a focus on beer, spirits, and being awesome!  Hoptomistic brings a whole new user experience to the social beer/spirits app market and gives users that overall social connection they deserve.  Hoptomistic offers hopheads the ability to rate and review beers/spirits, connect and chat with friends, participate in our unique photo galleries, easily locate other connections, all while winning awesome badges!

Hoptomistic offers unique features that make your social nightlife experience awesome!

Build/ Customize your Profile

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Make Connections


Rate/Review Beers and Spirits

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Where’s happy hour? Whats the best nightspot? What beer just got tapped?  Start a convo with connections or the Hoptomistic Community

Join our photo gallery contest and become a Hopstar!

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So don’t be lame, it’s FREE to pre-sign up and it’s FREE to download the app.  So join the movement and become part of the Hoptomistic community!


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